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Our general counsel lawyers in Washington, DC and our offices across the US draw upon our international experience and global network to provide effective legal representation for our clients.

Privatus Counsel’s business and corporate lawyers in Washington DC, New York, and Kuwait take an active approach in maintaining a close relationship with our clients; we listen, we understand, and then, we work closely to provide tailored solutions to their issues.  Our aim is to reinvent the traditional lawyer-client relationship by assuming a more internal role with our clients.  Our generalist approach, based on our broad experiences, places our boutique firm in Washington DC, New York, and Detroit shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients around the world, helping them through every step of their journey. Our lawyers in all offices draw upon the knowledge of our global network.

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"Method is much, technique is much, but inspiration is even more."

- Benjamin Cardozo

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Very experienced team of advisors and strategists. Extremely personal and supportive while considering all angles of approaches. Helped my team make sense of a complicated situation.

Oliver W.

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