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Free Download - Forming an LLC Checklist

Checklists are helpful tools that keep clients and attorneys on track.  They are especially useful for entity and business formation.  Our Forming an LLC Checklist is a helpful guide summarizing the steps to take and issues to consider when forming a limited liability company (LLC).

Download your FREE LLC checklist below.

Due Diligence is a major part of any prospective M&A transaction or investment.

Asking for the right documents and information is crucial to making the right decision to proceed and to identifying legal and commercial risks.

Download your FREE Due Diligence Request Memo Teaser.


Early-stage companies need to protect their confidential information.

Technology and know-how are often the most valuable assets to early-stage companies.  Without the right protection, many startups and small businesses inadvertently transfer their technology or know-how. 

Confidentiality Agreements (or NDA’s) help mitigate this risk. Our short-form confidentiality agreement for early-stage companies is a good starting point.  We can assist to customize this template to protect your company’s most valuable assets and to address additional legal and commercial risks associated with your communications with third party vendors, partners, investors and others.

Download your FREE Pro-Discloser Confidentiality Agreement.

Choosing an Entity Comparison Chart – New York

One of the most common client questions is “What type of entity should I establish?”  For those considering to do business in New York, download our comparison chart which illustrates the structure, liability, and management differences among C-corporations, S-corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs), general partnerships (GPs), and limited partnerships (LPs) in New York.

Download your FREE Choosing an Entity Comparison Chart.

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