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The Personal and Experienced Counsel

Privatus Counsel strives to fill the role of a personal (or private counsel) for your company or family office, if you do not have one; or acts as a supplemental team that can support your existing in-house attorney or growing legal team.


In order to effectively counsel clients in a global business world, Privatus Counsel draws upon its international lawyers in Washington DC and the US, who have the experience and network connections to provide effective legal representation for its clients.


Privatus Counsel combines its legal knowledge with commercial expertise to provide tailored and effective legal solutions to its clients' businesses.  To this end, Privatus Counsel takes an active approach in maintaining a close relationship with its clients; Our international lawyers in Washington DC, New York, and Kuwait listen, understand and work closely to provide practical solutions to client issues.  As a client-centric firm, Privatus Counsel's obsession is to work toward its clients’ best interests, regarding contract law, business law, or complex legal issues in Washington DC, the US, or internationally.


With Privatus Counsel, rest assured you can feel comfortable, safe, and confident knowing that you are in the best hands.


Get in touch with our international lawyers in Washington DC, New York, and Kuwait today — we look forward to hearing from you.

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