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Start-up Growth in the Middle East is Thriving

The Middle East entrepreneurial start-up scene is growing quickly; the area is hot for local, regional, and global investors. Entrepreneurs and creative thinkers are developing modern solutions to tackle old problems–and they’re doing it quickly. Investors are gravitating toward the region, attracted by promising growth figures coupled with the changing regional legal landscape that promotes foreign direct investment and ownership.

Funding in the E-commerce space across the MENA region has taken off, growing 230% since 2017. FinTech and FoodTech start-ups are two areas at the forefront of the growth. And Privatus Counsel is in the thick of it. Privatus Counsel is proud to have assisted Fiz, a Kuwait-based Q-commerce start-up and grocery delivery platform, in its latest funding round, raising US$2.5M. Read the full article here.

Q-commerce involves a mix of well-placed dark stores or fulfillment centers and integrated fleet management technologies to dispatch products to end-consumers in short delivery windows. Fiz expects to be operational in multiple high-density neighborhoods in Kuwait and is already planning on expanding its footprint in several jurisdictions in the Middle East.

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Omama Yasser
Omama Yasser

This is great!!! Keep it up!!

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