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US-Based Privatus Counsel and Kuwait-Based Ahkam Law Firm Form an Association

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

The Association.

Privatus Counsel is pleased to announce its first international association with Ahkam Law Firm. Ahkam Law Firm (in Association with Privatus Counsel) is positioned to provide valuable local legal advice and services to Privatus Counsel’s clients based in, or otherwise doing business in, Kuwait.

“We’re excited to have a partner in Kuwait that shares many of the same values and ambitions as we do. For our Kuwait-based clients, the association will serve to provide a broader range of legal service offerings and easier access to the regional and global network of Privatus Counsel offices and partners.”

Ahkam Law Firm (in Association with Privatus Counsel) and its clients also enter into the international arena thanks to Privatus Counsel. Privatus Counsel’s client offerings include access to effective U.S. counsel and a global network of law firms and other professionals. “Ahkam law firm is so excited about the new association with the US firm–Privatus Counsel,” writes the partner and head of Akham Law Firm’s International Department, Talal Bijjani. “Under this association, we aim to take part in our clients’ business expansion outside the region by providing punctual assistance to their global development.”

About Privatus Counsel

Privatus Counsel is a US based law firm with offices in the United States and abroad.

Our attorneys take an active approach in maintaining a close relationship with our clients; we listen, we understand, and then, we work closely to provide tailored solutions to their issues. Our aim is to reinvent the traditional lawyer-client relationship by assuming a more internal role with our clients. Our generalist approach, based on our broad experiences, places our boutique firm shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients around the world, helping them through every step of their journey. Our lawyers in all offices draw upon the knowledge of our global network.

We pride ourselves on having the capacity and expertise to guide our clients on legal matters that span a wide variety of industries, and we are invested in seeing our clients succeed.

For more information about Privatus Counsel’s attorneys, please visit our People Page.

For more information about Privatus Counsel’s offices, please visit our Offices Page.

About Ahkam Law Firm

Ahkam Law Firm is a leading full-service law firm based in one of the wealthiest GCC nations in the Middle East–Kuwait. The firm combines the traditional values of trust and confidentiality with the highest standards of the modern legal profession.

According to Talal Bijjani, “Ahkam Law Firm’s corporate team is a very sophisticated, fully focused, target-oriented, and multicultural group. Our members come from various backgrounds. I am pleased to be working with such brilliant minds. Together we continue serving our clients' best interest and assist in all their legal needs in Kuwait and abroad.”

“Ahkam Law Firm was founded on principles of integrity, trust, and value-creation,” writes managing partner of Ahkam Law Firm, Faisal BuHlaibah. “In a short period following its foundation, Ahkam Law Firm has experienced a wide variety of successes in various aspects. We are proud to position ourselves as one of the fast-growing law firms in Kuwait.”

Ahkam Law Firm employs over 13 attorneys and legal consultants that serve their clients interests in practice areas that include: Commercial & Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Banking & Finance (including Islamic Finance), Property & Construction, Public Tenders & Government Contracts, Capital Markets & Securities, Public-Private Partnerships, Intellectual Property, Tax, Franchising, as well as Agencies & Distributorships. As a full service firm, Ahkam Law Firm also has an experienced litigation team that can handle local litigation and arbitration matters.

Contact Us.

Contact Privatus Counsel today to learn more about how our global teams can assist you to provide bespoke services tailored to your unique personal and business needs.

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